Join thousands of women worldwide, who have encountered our unique programmes and have felt powerful and confident as they gracefully Ura with Us!!! Come Join the Tribe!






Join thousands of women worldwide, who have encountered our unique programmes and have felt powerful and confident as they gracefully Ura with Us!!! Come Join the Tribe!

Hulanesian Fitness

Finally, A Fitness Class with a

Holistic Cultural Approach to Empower Women

We are Connection, Culture and Community!! We utilize this Waka (vessel) to collaborate and foster the Heritage and celebration of our Polynesian Cultures.

Experience the transformative power of Hulanesian!

It isn’t just dance – it’s a catalyst for empowerment, inspiration, and change. By embracing diverse perspectives, we empower,inspire and educate women, igniting positive transformations within you, your homes and communities.

“By nature, this high-calorie, low-impact activity doubles as an exhilarating workout, offering a uniquely effective fitness experience that surpasses the rest.”

So Join us and embark on this journey celebrating our heritage, that a piece of it may influence your life, creating a brighter healthier future together!

Our Culture is the heartbeat of our lands, a rhythm that unites us all. Embracing the richness of both my heritages raised Haati as Maori and also having a strong connection with my Cook Island side I’m proud and privileged to welcome you into the world of Hulanesian


Foundational Fundamentals

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“Our core Foundation Fundamentals serves as the Essence of our Hulanesian Culture. Drawing inspiration from my cultural heritage, you’ll notice echoes of the Cook Islands within them. Prior to delving into the art of dance, mastering these 14 components is imperative to kick-start your journey. Here, you will acquire the requisite knowledge and skills, instilling confidence and a solid understanding of execution and presentation.”

6 month access

Mareikura Beginners Course

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Designed for the busy woman at heart, she can pick from any workout and day that suits her whether she is just starting out or advanced in her Ura and free flowing movements.

Intermediate course

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Gems we wish we knew! fundamentals, elements and exam choreography and demonstrate with video evidence to our graduate panel of trainers. This process is done in your own time.



Advance Course

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Essence is Designed to learn the core movements in Hulanesian.

Essence is our most popular programme for first timers. You will achieve A sound base for basic movements as you learn to move with ease and have fun!

LJ - Hulanesian Fitness

Hulanesian Fitness is founded by Lady-Joe TangataTerekia.

A club style feel, lights are dimmed my body beats to the drums of the Pacific, Island infused and RNB Soul. Music has been a massive influencer in my life, it speaks to our soul, it has a powerful energy to change our moods, put us in our feels and brings out our emotions. We have a vast ray of all songs to keep your heart rate PUMPING!! Right down to our Sensual soul. From the ole skool to the new skool it encompasses all my childhood memories, most likely yours too, culturally and soulfully to ensure it is never lost or ever forgotten. When you have the right movements with the right songs MAGIC truly happens a connection within your body and soul. Hulanesian is about Whakapapa (Genealogy) from celebrating our loved ones that have passed thru to Memories that once were, we strongly encompass and embrace our Polynesian Heritage, from all parts of our Brothers and Sisters across the Motu. We are family and we are One, our Moana connects us from across the Seas but we are Proud Polynesian Women and Men. This has truly been My medicine and I hope it can be yours.

Our Mission

Lady-Joe’s vision for everyone no matter age or gender or culture is to be able to access all our programs to learn, grow and gain the confidence you need and the skill sets you require at your different levels of danced or fitness capabilities, whether your a Beginners or Advanced to Dance and execute our Movements that are widely used in the Cook Islands, whether in Hulanesian or elsewhere. I want to grow Hulanesian Instructors all over the Globe to bring a taste of our Polynesian Heritage and infuse what brings us together into your own communities. And I have created a variety of courses online to help take you on one heck of a Journey with us

What our clients say…


“Hulanesian Fitness under the brilliant and skillful LadyJoe TangataTerekia, has helped and shown me appreciation of my own abilities while celebrating the accomplishments of others. I have learnt to appreciate and honour our very flavourful beautiful Polynesian cultures coming together as one through dance and the fusion of traditional island beats to the very soulful bass of RnB. We as a team are building our community through dance, with an attitude of gratitude which is key to our success. Watching the dynamics flowing from the stage to the floor is amazing and rewarding. In the beginning This class, this program was me needing to connect with my identity the other half of me, and I can honestly say every class I am still learning. This is also a great space to let go, to be yourself, to blow out all the frustrations, to leave all your inhibitions at the door and reset oneself. Ladies don’t hesitate, shy away, or think you can’t do it!!! Get in here and give it a go!”


After my second daughter I was 37kg heavier and I couldn’t shake the weight. I’m not a gym person at all – so I really wanted to find something that I enjoyed and had fun doing. I stumbled across Hulanesian by chance in early 2019. After attending for just under a year I had my pre-baby body back. 37kgs gone and I felt stronger and more toned. What the special part is, is – not only did I gain good fitness and weight loss, I also gained a sense of community and a support base. LJ and her team hold a very special and unique space for every and any women and gender. You will have your cup filled here!”