As the daughter of the earth goddess Papatūānuku, Hinetitama represents the stage of maturation and development, a stage of refinement and progress, where participants deepen their understanding and skills in dance and fitness.

This course is ideal for those who have been dancing comfortably but seek further challenges. Here, you’ll experience an invigorating cardio workout while having such a vibe. Our dynamic songs and choreography are carefully curated with you in mind. We aim to elevate your dancing to the next level, fostering growth and improvement. It’s not just about the moves; fitness naturally intertwines with our approach. Our goal is for you to exude confidence in your execution, expression, and body awareness.

  • Warmup

  • Drills

  • Dance Workouts

  • Finale Waiata-a-ringa and Ura Pa’u Performance Package

  • Step by Step Instructionals

  • Cool down/Stretch

  • Lady-Joe’s Korero on Tips and Things I wish I had known

  • Daily Ritual workout to Upscale you

Join our Intermediate Course

Dive deeper into the world of dance with our specialized intermediate course, tailored specifically for enthusiasts who have already embarked on their journey with Ura/Hula, offering you an exceptional opportunity to utilize and build upon the skills you’ve acquired. We hope to deepen your connection to this culturally rich dance form.

As you progress, you’ll discover new layers of complexity within Ura/Hula, pushing your boundaries and challenging your abilities in the most rewarding ways.

Who is this for?

Our Intermediate course is for those who:

  • have Ura/Cook island,Tahitian experience(hula, dance)

  • Are wanting to learn how to connect more in dancing

  • Are looking for a low impact high cardio workout

  • Are wanting to improve their fitness and Ura Capabilities

  • Are wanting to experience a cultural injection

  • Has dance experience

What will you achieve?

“With our choreography tailored for intermediate dancers, let the music resonate deep within your soul. An infusion of culture and an unforgettable experience awaits. Drums of the Pacific, Island infused, RnB Soul. Our DNA bears the tales and triumphs of our ancestors, and Hulanesian crafts a platform rich in heritage, waiting to be explored through the art of expressive dance

  • Learn Connection, Rhythum and expression

  • Learn how to be Performance ready

  • Gain Confidence in your Ura (Dance, Hula)
  • Body awareness and the art of Dance

  • Utilising your body to tell the Story

  • Potential if you Choose to move into becoming an Instructor/Teacher

Join Intermediate Course Today!

Our course is not just about dance; it’s about cultivating an appreciation for cultural heritage, improving physical fitness, and developing a more profound sense of self-expression through movement.

Whether you’re looking to take your dance skills to the next level, achieve greater physical conditioning, or simply immerse yourself further in the beauty of Polynesian dance, our intermediate course offers the perfect platform to hone in on your abilities and fine-tune your core movements.

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Terms & Conditions
  • I understand I will need access to a device, and Wifi to access my course material

  • I understand my progress is my responsibility and refunds are not given for personal reasons/time management or interaction for the duration

  • Once payment is made I understand i have access from the time of purchase for a 6 month period unlimited.

  • Your fitness and dance capabilities/results depend on your commitment and actions. You are responsible for your own progress

  • Hulanesian takes no responsibility