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Essence Mentoring program

Our most popular programme for first timers. This here is a Six week mentoring program. Learn the basics & core movements of Hulanesian Fitness to better your Skills in Hulanesian Dance .

  • Core Movements
  • Confidence in your Ura
  • Body Transformation
  • Opportunity to upskill in becoming an Instructor of Hulanesian

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Join Essence

Essence is our most effective programme to learn our foundation movements and aspiring instructors alike

Join Lady Joe as she brings you weekly challenges and new techniques to enhance your dance in our next intake,


With Beautiful Hands and Dangerous Hips

Who is this for?

Our Essence course is for those who:

  • would love to learn the core elements of ura (hula, dance)
  • Are looking for a supportive community
  • Are wanting a transformative experience with Ura
  • Are looking to become a Hulanesian trained instructor
  • Are looking to improve their Ura

What will you achieve?

Busy women love progress… so here is what this online member ship can help you accomplish

  • Achieve fundamentals of Ura (Hula, Dance)
  • Learn how to apply this to a range of beats and songs
  • Gain Confidence in your Ura (Dance, Hula)
  • Create new positive habits that get you moving
Hulanesian Fitness
LJ - Hulanesian Fitness

What can I expect from Essence

In this Online Membership you will enjoy

  • Weekly movement tutorial and task allocation

  • Feedback from Registered Master Instructors
  • Community vibe/meet likeminded friends

  • Lots of fun
  • Qualifying Potential
  • Pre-requisite to instructor training

What’s Included

Signed up – What’s Next

Commences NOW!!!!

Keep an eye on your email, we will add you into our Exclusive Group, please feel free to message us on Facebook if your request to join the page is still pending, click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to getting to know you, your unique flavour and sharing our program with you.

Lady-Joe & The Hulanesian Team

Join Essence Today!

This fun, condensed hula (ura) course is suitable for beginners & aspiring instructors alike.

Over the course of 6 weeks you will learn and master basic Hula (ura) movements, this will enhance your Hula technique giving you the confidence to Hula in class, in our Ura with Us programme and perform on cue!

Pay in full $149 or 5 weekly payments of $35 ($175)

Commences NOW!

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Terms & Conditions
  • I understand I will need access to a device, Facebook and Wifi to access my course material

  • I understand my progress is my responsibility and refunds are not given for personal reasons/time management or interaction for the duration

  • Once payment is made I understand I will request to join Hulanesian Fitness Essence to be added into the exclusive facebook group for this course within 7 days of the start date

  • Please note this is a 6 week program and you can go at your own pace within the 6 weeks of this programme