‘Ura With Us’

Join us for Hulanesian Ura with Us and receive Hulanesian based workouts that you can access AT ANYTIME that suits your schedule!

Become a part of a tight knit community focused on WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, STRENGTHENING cultural awareness and BUILDING your best self!

Dance with us from ANYWHERE in the world!

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Let’s Move!

Get ready with your Ura (hula, dance) workouts that will get your body moving in style!

Join Coach Lady Joe as she brings you weekly workouts for a busy lifestyle.

What ever your goals.
Join the tribe and get moving

Who is this for?

Our Ura with Us Online Membership is for those who:

  • Struggle to get to a class, a gym or just want to get moving
  • Have a busy schedule but can commit to 30 min 3-5 times a week
  • Are wanting a transformative experience in their health and fitness journey
  • Are looking for a supportive community

What will you achieve

Love progress… here is what this online membership can help you accomplish

  • Achieve a full Body workout
  • Learn some fundamental Ura with us Movements
  • Gain Confidence in your Ura (Dance, Hula)
  • Create new positive habits that get you moving
Hulanesian Fitness
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What can I expect from Ura with Us?

  • Access to Ura with Us Facebook Group – where all the action happens!

  • Access to 1 different work out per week loaded to your Hulanesian membership account

  • 1 Table Talk – ‘Straight up Korero’ per month

  • Monthly updates

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