Lady-Joe TangataTerekia


This is my story First of all I’m a Child of God, I am an Imperfect perfect woman and I’m a Wife and Mother to my 11 Children …. Business Owner Entreupuner, Creator, Artistic Designer, I am Lady-Joe Terekia born and bred from Gizzy East coast Tribe of Ngati Porou and Te-Ai-tanga-a-Mahaki . I was born into my culture and my culture was absolutely me

As a Polynesian Woman i was raised in a very strong whānau environment, my dad being one of 15 there were 10 girls. And I’m also one of 10. My aunties were a huge part of who I was and my major influence. There was alot of strong masculine energy surrounding my upbringing, that at the time I admired and role modelled myself. Life wasn’t easy but dancing and fitness was freedom to me, I was in control, it was a way to express, release, feel and no one could take it away it was FREE and I could do it anywhere and everywhere.

Fast forward to now its soooo buzzy that in my 40’s I never would have imagined I now run an impowering healing cultural Dance fitness program, inspiring wāhine all over the Motu and the Globe to engage in bringing our people together to dance, exercise and release giving back to ourselves filling our own kete (baskets). Here we are able to be healed thru Culture thru song thru dance and start gravitating more into our taha wāhine energy our feminine energy, all whilst having an amazing workout that not only is about movement, its connection, its sensual its where our bodies tells the story, maybe our own.

And this is a platform where I’m able to teach Woman how to be the best version of themselves and look at life thru different lenses that in return she brings about Change to further nurture, heal and empower. We want to grow Champions within our Communities. With all my experiences under my belt I’ve now been able to produce programs so that others can do as I do. Yes its Fitness Yes its Dance and Yes its about us finding ourselves more along the way. Its Crazy and exciting!!!!

So here’s my Story I hope it gives you an insight to me

I left home at the tender age of 13 and my first introduction to Multicultural dancing and showcase was thru Uncle Tommy Taurima a Famous composer of Performing Arts, it broadened my passion of Pacific Performance. In my early 20’s here is where my passion Moreso for our Cook Island Culture was ignited inside of me, when I joined my Aunty Ake Johanson Roopu (group) called “Passions Delight” based in the Gold Coast. I tell you I was such a cabbage dancer, but I didn’t care I loved it, I digged it I wanted to learn more, I loved the way my body connected and moved and i felt it within my soul, it was me and it was my family and it became my world. Later an opportunity came to own Hulanesian where I have since built the business from scratch and created it all into what it is today. Its been lonely its been hard and I still had so much to learn. But I can say today I have created and achieved ALOT and I’m blessed, but OOh dam what a ride, It straight up has taken over my life.

“During this time I’ve become more hungry to understand the mechanics of it. I wanted to be better and in return help others to be just the same, there were heaps of awesome dancers on the internet and around, but I wanted to know and learn HOW CAN I GET MY DANGEROUS HIPS like that too! There’s lots of names our Polynesian Cultures name it, the Ura viviki, Fa’arapu, Tamure, Koni, the washing machine, I so desired to learn how to move my hips that fast, that was powerful to me. I wanted to help me so i could help you. Everyone had the same answer, they either was born into it or just gave basic description that I found still didn’t really help me, I wanted to understand the mechanics to it, the do’s and don’ts, Muscle groups, the feeling the look the HOW? and of course nothing actually has become better than me embarking on the journey myself so that actually i than could help you better! Being as passionate as I am, I’ve put years months days and hours in sleeping eating and breathing Hulanesian, and finally I’ve done the yards for us Ladies and found some amazing gems to learn!!!’

I’ve done a load of videos for you and I believe I’m thorough and clear for you to be able to learn from. And what’s soooooo exciting is I’ve never seen anyone NO NOT ANYONE do videos like I have on this type of platform, TIPS AND ISSUES to why or how we do certain movements to ensure we get it right. Heck I even break down problems to basic movements that normally would be seamless to someone else, I WANT TO HELP YOU, the way I wish someone had for me. And a good chunk of that is in our FUNDAMENTALS our foundation to HULANESIAN but also even if you are experienced I promise you there will be tips even in there I’m sure that you may also really appreciate or didn’t even know.

I would like to acknowledge the lord above for his guidance and support with my journey, my husband and children for their endless contributions and support and my team for all the support and works in the background who have helped pave the way for Hulanesian Fitness.

Join me in the Hulanesian Journey – Beautiful Hands and Dangerous Hips

Mauri Ora

Papatūānuku Foundational Fundamentals

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If I could advise anyone where to begin, it would always be here FIRST. Whether you’re a brand-new beginner or a seasoned dancer, the key to success lies in MASTERING the BASICS and doing it well!. Starting with a solid foundation ensures that everything else falls into place effortlessly. By mastering your fundamentals, you pave the way for a journey of endless potential and fulfilment in Hulanesian.


Mareikura Beginners Course

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Welcome to the vibrant world of Hulanesian! Our introductory course is tailored to kickstart your journey, blending our rich cultural essence with invigorating RnB vibes. Dive into movement exploration, nurture your skills, and immerse yourself in an experience designed to ignite your passion right from the start.


Hinetitama Intermediate course

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Embark on a transformative journey with our Intermediate course, Hinetitama. Named after the daughter of the earth goddess Papatūānuku unlock new levels of skill and expression with our intermediate course

A stage of development refinement and progress, where participants deepen their understanding and skills in dance and fitness. Here you will find growth and development. Dive deeper into technique, explore advanced movements, and cultivate your unique dance style under expert guidance. Elevate your journey

Unlock new levels of skill and expression with our intermediate course which represents the stage of maturation and development”


Hineahuone Advance Course

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Elevate your dance journey with our Advanced course, crafted to propel experienced dancers to new heights of skill and artistry. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural injections of our Cook Islands, Nesian, and R&B soul influences as you refine your technique, embody mastery, and lead with confidence. Fitness is the ultimate by-product of this process and it is needed.

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Its next Level!