“Hulanesian Fitness under the brilliant and skilful LadyJoe TangataTerekia, has helped and shown me appreciation of my own abilities while celebrating the accomplishments of others. I have learnt to appreciate and honour our very flavourful beautiful Polynesian cultures coming together as one through dance and the fusion of traditional island beats to the very soulful bass of RnB. We as a team are building our community through dance, with an attitude of gratitude which is key to our success. Watching the dynamics flowing from the stage to the floor is amazing and rewarding. In the beginning This class, this program was me needing to connect with my identity the other half of me, and I can honestly say every class I am still learning. This is also a great space to let go, to be yourself, to blow out all the frustrations, to leave all your inhibitions at the door and reset oneself. Ladies don’t hesitate, shy away, or think you can’t do it!!! Get in here and give it a go!”


After my second daughter I was 37kg heavier and I couldn’t shake the weight. I’m not a gym person at all – so I really wanted to find something that I enjoyed and had fun doing. I stumbled across Hulanesian by chance in early 2019. After attending for just under a year I had my pre-baby body back. 37kgs gone and I felt stronger and more toned. What the special part is, is – not only did I gain good fitness and weight loss, I also gained a sense of community and a support base. LJ and her team hold a very special and unique space for every and any women and gender. You will have your cup filled here!”