Theres a First Time for everything

Mareikura our Beginners Course

Yasss SisStar your showing up!! This is how i begun my Journey.

Our Beginners Course, named “Mareikura,” embodies a nurturing and supportive environment as you take you first steps into the world of Hulanesian. Just as Mareikura provides guidance, protection, and spiritual support to those who seek it, our course sets the stage for your dance journey, infusing each step with intention and meaning. Join us as we embark on this transformative experience together, where movement becomes a sacred expression of self-discovery and connection with the divine.

So here’s what do you recieve?

  • Warmup

  • Drum Drills

  • An array of Awesome Dance/fitness and drum Workouts

  • Step by Step Instructionals

  • Cool down/Stretch

  • Daily Ritual workout to upskill

  • Tips and things I wish i knew as a Beginner

  • Over 20 Videos

Join our Beginners Course

We have created some awesome choreographed Pumping little jams and drum drills for you to workout and dance to. This is a great place to start when you understand the Fundamentals. It’s about learning to Move and learning to dance and feeling connection with your body within it. This will give you a great taste of what Hulanesian is and how we embrace a mix of our Culture, RnB Soul and Drums of the Pacific. This is for Everyone at any level. Even for those that have danced this is a great refresher. I hope the learnings inspire and empower you

With Beautiful Hands and Dangerous Hips

Who is this for?

Our Beginners course is for those who:

  • would love to learn to ura (hula, dance)

  • Are wanting to feel more Feminine

  • Are looking for a more low impact high calorie workout

  • Are wanting to improve their fitness
  • Are looking to improve their Ura/dance/circular motion of the Hips

What will you achieve?

Here you will start to get a sound understanding of Movement and Dance combination

  • Be able to dance and utilise the fundamentals of Hulanesian which is widely used

  • Learn how to dance a Performance routine

  • Gain Confidence in your Ura (Dance, Hula)
  • Learn Segments that are repetitious

Join Beginners Course Today!

This fun, condensed Hulanesian Beginners course is suitable for beginners & aspiring Learners and even the Seasoned Dancer that needs brushing up again

Whilst you have 6 months access, if you are consistent you will master the movements and dance. You will find your hips and your beautiful hands. You may find yourself well and truly on your way much quicker to enter into our Intermediate course, or even confidence to dance at an event. It is all up to you. The way i grew up was repetition, and repetition is key that it was embedded into our bodies and became second nature.

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Terms & Conditions
  • I understand I will need access to a device, and Wifi to access my course material

  • I understand my progress is my responsibility and refunds are not given for personal reasons/time management or interaction for the duration

  • Once payment is made I understand i have access from the time of purchase for a 6 month period unlimited.

  • Your fitness results depend on your commitment and actions. You are responsible for your own progress

  • Hulanesian takes no responsibility