Step 2 – Learn to become an instructor

The training videos were created with you in mind, in bringing out the best of who you are and what value you are able to give to your class as a leader and as an instructor. 

The videos will cover:

  • Cueing
  • Being your Authentic Self
  • Body Awareness
  • Showing Emotions whilst dancing
  • Energy
  • Execution
  • How to go about getting yourself a Dance Team
  • Building your Team as a whole
  • Alternatives to different levels of fitness
  • How to engage with your audience before during and off stage
  • The environment you create
  • Giving your Class an Experience
  • Your Vibe attracts your Tribe
  • First Impressions
  • Being Organized
  • Setting the Tone

Lastly you will receive 3 exam videos for you to learn, master and than video cueing as if we were your audience and post onto the facebook group as your last assessment. Please apply as best as you can the key components  from the videos above to demonstrate your understanding of cueing and instructing the song/drum.